Just some of the Dogs Trophies.


Vince Falasca is the owner  of our dogs & has a long history of breeding & training a wide variety of dogs through the last 32 years including Beagles, Portuguese pointers, German Shorthair, and French Braque, And now the Italian Bracco's.  While mainly for our own use and that of our close hunting relatives and friends we also breed to promote them.

All of our Italian Bracco's are imported from Italy with the help and expertise of my cousin Antonio(from Italy) an avid hunter who knows the Italian Bracco breed well, and the best bloodlines available.

Some of the bloodlines  in our dogs pedigrees include that of Cascina Croce, Casamassima, & Dei Sanchi as well as other top bloodlines.

We strive to breed dogs that are focused on the foot hunter, as well as for the companion pet & for the show ring. However, our breeding program is limited and if interested you should contact us for further information.