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WE have bred one of (or maybe two) our females and anticipate a litter around the end of April 2024. Anyone interested in securing a puppy please contact Vince at 330=631=9482 to reserve yours. We do have a waiting list at the present time. You can also check out our ad in Gundogs com


 Our Policy: The following conditions apply to the purchase of a new pup.The puppy buyer or agent, prior to delivery or shipment agrees to pay the puppy owner,WINGFOOT KENNEL"S the total agreed upon amount. Upon receipt of full payment Wingfoot Kennel agrees to deliver the puppy, in good health, with current vaccination record and  registration papers.

Wingfoot Kennel will provide the Buyer with the puppy registration application. The Application must be completed and submitted for registration by the Buyer.

The Buyer also agrees to pay for any and all transportation costs, unless other negotiations  were previously arranged.

The puppy is guranteed until it is sixteen months old against any major genetic fault.If that fault, during that period,is confirmed by a second veterinarian, the buyer has the following options:

1. The puppy can be returned to Wingfoot Kennels and the buyer has the option to get another dog from the breeder's next available litter.

2. Having a written certification showing the dog's defective genetic faults may keep the defective puppy and still have the option to select another pup from the breeder's next available litter.

3.The breeder will not bear any responsibility for any veterinarian or other costs that may or have arisen for the puppy. The maxiumum time allotted to take possession of a replacement puppy  is (16) months.

4. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to maintain the proper care and medical treatment of the pup otherwise the breeder cannot be held responsible.

No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied are made under our policy except as stated herein.